Comparing Babolat Air Viper and Babolat Technical Viper

Comparing Babolat Air Viper and Babolat Technical Viper

Let's compare two of this year's best-sellers in the category of powerful rackets : Babolat Air Viper and Babolat Technical Viper.

Two palas made for offensive players

First, if you're not a player whose game is based on aggressiveness, then you should probably go on your way and read another article !

Indeed, these two diamond-shaped full-carbon rackets are perfect for those who need more power in their smashes and volleys. They both use the new X EVA foam, that is made of two densities, allowing you to get stiffness in offense and comfort in defense.

Some slight differences

First, the Air Viper is lighter (355g) and has a neutral balance. As a result, it is considered a maneuverable and easy to play racket for this category of palas. Futhermore, its 16K carbon faces will allow you to get enough rigidity to make the best of your smashes.
Being a little bit heavier (365g) and having a point of balance more towards the head, the Technical Viper will bring you more precision and power, as long as you have enough technique! Moreover, the 12K carbon faces are recognized for their versatility.

As a conclusion, we can say that as its name suggests, the Babolat Technical Viper is a great option for skilled and powerful offensive players who seek a high-end racket that will allow them to make the best of their skillset. On the other hand, the Babolat Air Viper is perfect for those who still love to dominate the net but need a lighter and more maneuverable option.

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