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Get ready to dominate the court with the 2023 Padel Rackets collection from top brands including Nox, Bullpadel, StarVie, Head

Take your padel game to the next level with the latest and greatest padel rackets on the market. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, our collection of the latest padel rackets has something for everyone. Designed for improved performance, control, and comfort, these rackets will help you achieve your full potential on the court.

Choose from a range of styles, materials, and features to find the perfect padel racket for your game. Lightweight options provide greater maneuverability and speed, while heavier rackets offer more power and control. From classic teardrop shapes to innovative designs, there's a padel racket to suit every player's needs.

Stay ahead of the competition and make a statement on the court with the latest padel rackets collection. Upgrade your game today and experience the ultimate in performance, control, and comfort. Shop now and take your padel skills to the next level with the latest padel rackets!


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Siux Diablo Revolution II Sanyo ProSiux Diablo Revolution II Sanyo Pro
Wilson Bela LT V2 WhiteWilson Bela LT V2 White
Sale price $340.00
Babolat Technical Veron 2023Babolat Technical Veron 2023
Sale price $240.00
Nox Tempo WPT Luxury SeriesNox Tempo WPT Luxury Series
Sale price $320.00
Nox ML10 Pro Cup Rough Surface EditionNox ML10 Pro Cup Rough Surface Edition
Sale price $325.00
Varlion MAXIMA Summum JuniorVarlion MAXIMA Summum Junior
Sale price $120.00
Varlion MAXIMA Prisma Airflow WVarlion MAXIMA Prisma Airflow W
Varlion LW PRISMA Airflow SVarlion LW PRISMA Airflow S
Sale price $400.00
Varlion Bourne Prisma AIRFLOW MY SVarlion Bourne Prisma AIRFLOW MY S
Varlion Bourne Prisma AIRFLOW MY WVarlion Bourne Prisma AIRFLOW MY W
Varlion Maxima Prisma Radio W 2023Varlion Maxima Prisma Radio W 2023