Bullpadel Flow Woman 2023
Bullpadel Flow Woman 2023
Bullpadel Flow Woman 2023


Bullpadel Flow Woman 2023

Sale price $290.00

The new racket used by number one player in the world Alejandra Salazar is perfect for those who seek power and lightness, with a soft touch.


The Flow is a diamond-shaped light racket of great potential. It has been created for professional and advanced players.

It features the FlowForce throat. Its outer core is composed by Fibrix hybrid fiber and a rough 3D grain surface to impress a bigger effect to the shots. Its inner core is made of the new MultiEva which is composed of two different eva densities and its 100% carbon fiber CarbonTube frame. In addition, it counts on the Vibradrive system to absorb the vibrations.

The Flow is the new Bullpadel racket for women, it is light and provides the perfect balance between power and control.  It has been created for professional or advanced players.

Weight aprox: 345-360 grs.

Profile: 38mm.

Balance: Medium.

Shape: Diamond.

Exterior: Fibrix

Interior: Multieva

Protector: Sticker

Player: Expert adult.

Power/Control: 95/95

Technologies: Multieva / Fibrix / FlowForce / Vibradrive / Carbon Tube / Sticker / 3D Grain



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