Cartri Volcano 2
Cartri Volcano 2 Racket with Carbon Kevlar Tube Frame
Cartri Volcano 2 Padel Tennis Racket
Teardrop Shaped Cartri Volcano 2 Padel Tennis Racket
Unique Design Cartri Volcano 2 Padel Tennis Racket


Cartri Volcano 2

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This padel racket has the animal spirit of the CARTRI line, which is taken care of down to the smallest detail, and will leave no one indifferent.


  • Carbon Kevlar Tube Frame: a combination of carbon and kevlar to give the extra strength a racquet needs to reduce the risk of breakage in the tennis racket frame.
  • ABS EVA: A system by which our EVA rubber retains its properties throughout the life of the padel racket. Developed specifically to maintain 100% stability during play.
  • Blkeva: A special type of EVA that provides extra power and control during play and extended durability of the padel tennis racket.
  • Shape: Teardrop
  • Weight: 355-375 g
  • Frame: Kevlar Carbon 6K Spindle
  • Core: Rubber Black EVASoft
  • Balance: Medium-Low

Designed for the most demanding player who needs to take his game to excellence and develop his maximum potential on the court.

It is a work of engineering combining the best materials on the market, nothing more and nothing less we talk about Kevlar, Carbon 6K, EVA or BLACK as well as first-class paints and the highest quality resins on the market.




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