Siux Fenix 3K
Siux Fenix 3K Padel Tennis Racket Online
Teardrop Shaped Siux Fenix 3K Padel Tennis Racket
3K Carbon Fiber Siux Fenix Padel Racket


Siux Fenix 3K

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Suix Fenix 3KĀ PadelĀ RacketĀ 

ThisĀ new Siux Fenix 3K padel racket has a medium balance and changes the material of its faces incorporating 3K carbon, more flexible than its predecessor, so that it provides greater speed in ball exit and control. This is a versatile model, as it provides great power and precision in each hit.

The frame continues to be a carbon twin-tubular and its core is made ofĀ EVA Soft High Recovery 5 Laminations, which provides a spectacular speed in the recovery. Also, in the neck area it incorporates an internal aramid anti-vibrator, which eliminates the vibrations of each hit.



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