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Adidas Adipower 3.1 2022

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Our past teaches us lessons, our future is only a dream and our present is Adipower 3.1. In a world where everything changes, only that which is truly authentic prevails. Adipower 3.1 is not just another padel racket, it is an icon of our sport. Conceived with one objective, to win.

Ready for another victory? 

The new Adidas Adipower 3.1 incorporates DUAL EXOSKELETON technology to provide you with a unique rigidity that, together with the EVA HIGH MEMORY rubber, will make you feel the full power of the racket from your first hit. It incorporates the characteristic roughness of the Adipower range, the SPIN BLADE MOLD. With it, you can achieve greater spin and exceptional touch.



A worldwide sporting goods giant, Adidas decided to enter the padel market in 2013. In less than a decade, it has become one of the most iconic brands of the industry. Using all its experience in high quality goods, the brand is now known for creating high-end ‚Äúpalas‚ÄĚ, used by some of the most famous stars in padel such as Alex Ruiz, Marta Ortega, and of course number one Ale Galan. But Adidas doesn't only create rackets for professionals, it also produces a large array of models that will fit the needs of all types of players.



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