New Adidas Essnova Carbon CTRL 3.1 Padel Racket
Adidas Essnova Carbon CTRL 3.1 2022 Padel Rackets
High Performance Adidas Essnova Carbon CTRL 3.1 Racket
Adidas Essnova Carbon CTRL 3.1 Racket
Essnova Carbon CTRL 3.1 - Adidas Padel Tennis Racket
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3K Carbon Surface Adidas Essnova Carbon CTRL 3.1 Padel Rackets


Adidas Essnova Carbon CTRL 3.1

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Enjoy the incredible performance of the new Adidas ESSNOVA CARBON CTRL 3.1. Get out on the court with it and you'll understand. You have everything to win.



If you are ambitious, and want to know how far you can go, if you enjoy setting yourself challenges and overcoming them, we have what you are looking for. ESSNOVA CARBON CTRL 3.1 is a high-performance racket to overcome all challenges. Thanks to its 3K CARBON surface, you will feel a unique punch in your shots. The eXoeskeleton technology will also help you to feel an exceptional solidity in your swing thanks to the carbon inserts throughout the core of the racket. The SPLIN BLADE GRITT will provide you with extra spin and control that will give an extra quality to your game. Enjoy setting yourself challenges and overcoming them with the new ESSNOVA CARBON CTRL 3.1


The eXoskeleton technology incorporates carbon fibers inserted into the frame and core structure to increase the power and structural rigidity of the racket.


SPIN BLADE GRITT technology is a special sand-format roughness incorporated over the entire striking surface. This technology will help you to produce the best spin and enhance your feel of the ball.


The 3K braided carbon surface provides extra rigidity. This will allow you to obtain greater power in the stroke.



A worldwide sporting goods giant, Adidas decided to enter the padel market in 2013. In less than a decade, it has become one of the most iconic brands of the industry. Using all its experience in high quality goods, the brand is now known for creating high-end “palas”, used by some of the most famous stars in padel such as Alex Ruiz, Marta Ortega, and of course number one Ale Galan. But Adidas doesn't only create rackets for professionals, it also produces a large array of models that will fit the needs of all types of players.



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