Babolat Air Vertuo 2022
Babolat Air Vertuo 2022
Comfortable Babolat Air Verto 2022 Padel Tennis Rackets
Babolat Air Vertuo 2022 Padel Tennis Racket  with Carbon Surface
Neutral Balanced Babolat Air Verto 2022 Padel Racket


Babolat Air Vertuo 2022

Sale price $180.00

Being a beginner doesn't mean you can't use an offensive racket. That's why Babolat created the Air Vertuo, an easy-to-play pala that brings power and maneuverability to all these players who still need to improve their game.


We all want to score points… We all are STRIKERS!

Studying the game, we've identified different padel players profiles. Among them, the air striker is super dynamic, he will seize each opportunity to go to the net and use his speediness to generate power.

To express the best of his game, we've developed the Air Vertuo that provides easy power with an extreme maneuverability.

This lightest and softest version of this new generation of racquet will encourage you to leap out of nowhere and be an AIR STRIKER.



The power of a racquet depends on the player using it. This is a reality and that's why we've used soft materials on this racquet so you can benefit the elasticity of the racquet's surface. You will have an effortless power that will help you to express the best of your game.


Using your speediness to make the difference, what would you say if you could have a racquet extremely maneuverable with even more power? You would probably think that this is not possible... But we've made it! Thanks to its new hybrid shape and its light weight, you will be able to move even faster and generate more power. Now you can really be the AIR STRIKER you want to be.


The comfort of play is a key feature at the time of choosing a racquet. To make sure you can enjoy playing as often as you want, we developed this racquet with both softer materials and a lighter weight to decrease your arm fatigue and provide more endurance and comfort.



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