Cartri Shield Maximum Kevlar Blue
Paddle Tennis Racket Cartri Shield Maximum Kevlar Blue - Padel USA
Cartri Shield Maximum Kevlar Blue Padel Racket


Cartri Shield Maximum Kevlar Blue

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A padel racket hand made in Spain, easy to play and forgiving

This tennis racket is made with a black medium-density EVA rubber for better comfort. This model has a teardrop shape and a rough surface for more spin.


  • Blk Eva: Special type of EVA that provides extra power and control in the game and extended durability of the padel racket.
  • Carbon Kevlar Tube Frame A combination of carbon and kevlar to give the extra strength a padel tennis rackett needs to reduce the risk of breakage in the racquet frame.
  • TubIX: Two-way fiber reinforced tube system to give maximum strength and lightness inside the paddle racket frame.
  • 38mm: 38mm EVA core, laminated with layers of carbon fiber fabric for maximum elasticity and strength.

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