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Head Alpha Pro

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It is no coincidence that Head Alpha Pro is one of the most sold rackets in the world. In fact, this versatile and forgiving racket is perfect for all the players who seek an excellent combination between maneuverability, comfort, precision and power, almost regardless of their level !


Head Alpha Pro Padel Racket

The Excellence series padel racket is a very forgiving and versatile racket for intermediate players who are looking for a mix of performance and comfort


GRAPHENE 360+: Graphene is the brand's signature material that provides comfort and optimal energy transfer. Now combined with flexible spiral fibers, Graphene 360+ offers a crisper feel on the ball.

FLEXIBLE CHASSIS: Softer paddle racket tube construction for greater comfort. This tubular frame, constructed with pre-molded carbon layers, gives more or less stiffness/flexion to each area as needed. With this shape, the frame is rigid in areas where there is more torsion and flexible in areas where there is a need for comfort.

POWER FOAM: This is the perfect ally for maximum power. The speed that the ball will reach will surprise both your rivals and yourself.

SMART BRIDGE: Each blade has its own DNA, its own identity. Some will seek control and precision, others power or comfort. That's why Head has developed the Smart Bridge.

OPTIMIZED SWEET SPOT: Each blade has its own DNA, its own identity. Some will seek control and precision, others power or comfort or effect. That's why Head has developed the Optimized Sweet Spot.

ANTI SHOCK: The Anti Shock Skin is a tape made from a durable, shock-resistant polymer. Placed on top of the frame, it protects against scratches and blows and gives the paddle tennis racket an incomparable resistance to blows and rubbing (walls and floors).

The HEAD brand can boast of being one of the leading brands in the world of padel tennis. Thanks to its spirit of innovation in each collection, incorporates the best materials and technologies to meet the needs of all players. The proof is that it can boast of having in its ranks major players such as Sanyo Gutierrez.



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