Head Graphene 360 Alpha Tour
Head Graphene 360 Alpha Tour
Head Graphene 360 Alpha Tour


Head Graphene 360 Alpha Tour

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Head Graphene 360 Alpha TourĀ PadelĀ 


Meet thisĀ Head Graphene 360 Alpha Tour 2021, a versatile padel racket that shows off an original design, especially forĀ players with an advanced level of play to be professional.

Designed in aĀ teardropĀ shape, it is made of aĀ Graphene 360 frame. ItsĀ optimized sweet spotĀ in the center of the paddle racket gets the exact control and precision to control the spin balls. TheĀ intelligent bridge adapts to your way game.Ā The POWER FOAM rubber core is the perfect alloy for more powerful shots and excellent speed on every shot.

TheĀ Head Graphene 360 ā€‹ā€‹Alpha TourĀ is a veryĀ balancedĀ racket between power and control, ideal forĀ advanced-levelĀ players looking for a versatile game.Ā 

In itsĀ materials, it hasĀ grapheneĀ in theĀ frame of the racketĀ to provide it with greatĀ resistanceĀ andĀ rigidityĀ in theĀ planes, which have also been implemented inĀ graphene, thus achieving good hitting power.Ā In theĀ core of the tennis racket,Ā FOAM rubberĀ has been implemented, providing a greatĀ ball outputĀ andĀ comfortĀ when hitting.Ā 

ItsĀ designĀ is veryĀ strikingĀ as it has a very sportyĀ green colorĀ on the planes, sharing prominence with theĀ black color, thus achieving aĀ hybrid appearance.Ā It also hasĀ the brand'sĀ logo inĀ blackĀ in theĀ green areaĀ of ā€‹ā€‹the racket, and in theĀ blackĀ areaĀ with a dynamicĀ greenĀ design, which gives this beautiful padel racket a final touch.Ā 



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