Nox ML10 Pro Cup Rough Surface Edition

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The new version of the legendary Nox ML10 Pro cup arrives with a rough surface and still the characteristics that made this racket famous : an amazing maneuverability, a lot of comfort, and enough power to feel comfortable at the net. In the end, it's a best-seller that will fit the needs of most players.

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All about the Nox ML10 Pro Cup Rough

Key features and benefits:

Suitable for: Experienced players;
Blade Shape: Round;
Thickness: 38 mm;
Weight: 360-375 grams;
Material frame: Fiber carbon;
Material blade: 3K Silver Fiberglass;
Material core: HR3 Core;
Power 9/10;
Control 10/10;
Smartstrap replaceable safety string system;
Rough racket blade for more spin.

The Nox ML10 Pro Cup Rough is an ideal racket for a wide range of players looking for control and precision. The blade has a round shape. This means that the sweet spot is relatively large, so your shots will hit faster. The round racket blade also ensures that the weight is equal at all points, making the racket easy to use. The round shape combined with the weight allows you to play with a lot of control.The racket blade is made of fiberglass with a metalized finish, which provides a stiffness that lies between carbon and fiberglass. The Smartstrap safety cord system allows you to easily replace the cord. The rough finish of the racket blade allows you to impart more effect to the ball.

  • Brand                    Nox
  • Gender                 Senior
  • Color                    black / red
  • Category              Rackets
  • Racket Type         Control, Spin
  • Racket Shape       Round
  • Product line         Pro
  • Size                      ONE-SIZE
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