Backpack Summum Turquoise Paddle Racket Backpack - Padel USA
Summum Turquoise Padel Racket Backpack by Padel USA
Waterproof Nylon Summum Turquoise Padel Racket Backpack


Backpack Summum Turquoise

Sale price $75.00

Summum backpack where you can carry your padel racket, your laptop and much more. Made of durable and waterproof nylon, covered in the inside with foam and line, with waterproof zippers.

With 26 liters of capacity, it is designed to take to the court all you need for playing with total protection.

On the inside and the separations are covered with high protection foam to avoid any kind of impact on your personal things.

Compartments: you will find a large main pocket where you can keep your clothes, towel, accessories, etc., other pocket to save your padel racket and another one for a laptop. Two small side pockets where you can take your phone, keys, wallet and all your personal belongings. On the bottom you have one pocket for your shoes, this pocket have three little openings made for good ventilation and also allows dropping the dirt accumulated on the shoe soles.

On the backpack outside we find two net pockets to save a bottle of water or a bottle of balls.

On the straps it have padded protections ergonomic designed to fit on your shoulders and the body shape, giving you a perception of quality and comfort.



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