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Varlion LW Carbon 7 Pansy Racket with Hexagonal Frame


Varlion LW Carbon 7 Pansy

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Varlion padel racket used by professionals who like softer rackets, with a round shape that privileges control over power.

It is the successor to the legendary LW Carbon 3 and LW Carbon 5, but with improvements in materials, design and features. One of the most notable improvements is the Hexaforce bridge that includes the heart to increase its rigidity in the frame and reduce vibrations.

It is designed with Hexagonal frame and manufactured using a bidirectional carbon tubular.
The core is Eva Hypersoft 38mm medium hardness and is laminated using layers of 7 Rhombus carbon and fiberglass fabric.

The heart area is reinforced with Varlion exclusive VAR-FLEX epoxy resin impregnated carbon fiber fabric for maximum elasticity and strength, and coated with a layer of titanium dioxide.

Includes an adhesive Hexagon bumper, which is designed and produced through a low hardness PTU injection mold to absorb shocks and chafing. This protector is fixed on the frame of the racket by means of an adhesive tape without the need to drill the frame, which also helps to avoid vibrations. In its latest version we have reduced its weight by 50%, now weighing only 11 grams.

In turn, we apply SLICE technology (new rough texture) in the hitting surface through the direct 3D screen printing system, to help the player to apply effects on the ball more effectively.


Varlion was founded in 1993 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by Félix Regalia, its actual CEO. Since the beginning, innovation has always been in the DNA of the brand. Indeed, Varlion is the first company that started producing different rackets for winter and summer, taking into account the fact that the foam becomes harder when the temperatures drop. With a lot of patented technologies, the brand has one goal : give the players the best possible experience on the court. Professional players such as Miguel Yanguas or Ivan Ramirez all benefit from theses cutting-edge innovations.



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