Wilson Pro Staff V2 Team ALT
Wilson Pro Staff V2 Team ALT
Wilson Pro Staff V2 Team ALT


Wilson Pro Staff V2 Team ALT

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The Wilson Pro Staff V2 Team padel racket is designed for beginner and intermediate players looking for a complete racket that allows them to quickly improve their game.

Its round shape makes it a control-oriented racket when hitting, with a wide sweet spot and a low balance, which allows the player to handle the racket with complete freedom. The core has low-density EVA rubber and its planes are finished in fiberglass, this combination favors a fast and powerful response, without losing sensations.

In its plans you will see that its matrix of holes is special, this technology is called Sharp Hole and allows a more effective grip on the ball and an improvement in the serve.

A pala to learn without limitations.


Founded in 1914, Wilson is a worldwide American sports goods company, known for its high quality products. Very famous in tennis, where it has created high-end rackets that fit the needs of superstars Roger Federer and Serena Williams, it is also starting to become a reference in padel. Indeed, it is now linked to legend Fernando Belasteguin, number one player for sixteen years, who helped design the “Bela line”, that provide “palas” for the most demanding players. Using all its experience in tennis, Wilson is on its path of becoming one of the leading brands in padel !



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