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Let's compare StarVie Triton Pro 2.0 and Triton Speed 2

Let's compare StarVie Triton Pro 2.0 and Triton Speed 2

The new StarVie Triton 2.0 series have arrived! If you're an offensive player looking primarily for power, you should read what follows.

StarVie Triton Pro 2.0: one of the most powerful palas of the market


StarVie Triton Pro 2.0 is the new racket used by striker Javi Garrido. It's a high-end pala that is handmade in Spain and that features cutting-edge technologies. The 100% carbon frame and two-layers 3K carbon faces bring extra durability and power. Furthermore, the inner core is made of dense Pro 50 Eva foam, making it perfect for high-level players who need firm and precise shots. The 1cm longer grip makes two-handed backhands easier and adds leverage.


Triton Speed 2.0: a more forgiving version


The Speed version benefits from the same technologies but with a much softer foam, making it more suitable for less advanced players. Thereby, if you still want power but also need a good amount of comfort, this more tolerant version will be more appropriate.




In the end, StarVie makes it simple for the consumers by offering two high-quality rackets meant for those who like attacking above all. The Triton Pro is perfect for those who have excellent technique and seek tremendous power and precision while the Speed version is more fitting for those who need a model that is easier to play!

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