About us

Who we are?

To all padel players,

We are a team of Padel players, some professionals, some beginners but all enthusiasts! We live in Miami and we all come from different business background and decided to join forces to offer in the USA the best online padel shop.

After playing for many years, everywhere on the planet, we have had always difficulties finding the right padel gears such as rackets, balls and bags…And we are all very picky in the rackets we use, the balls we play with and the look we have on the court! As we all know, clubs have very little product selections and there are no real specialized retailers. At best, some tennis shop offers little selection of low-end padel gears.

Using our expertise, our technical knowledge and network in the Padel world, we decided to only offer the most diversified online padel shop to our customers. On Padelusa.com, you will only find official brands and padel rackets such as Adidas, Babolat, Bullpadel, Black Crown, CartriHeadNox, Siux, StarVie, Varlion and Volt that we have tested heavily with some of the best players. We stand by our selection serving beginner, intermediate and professional level players. We also wanted to deliver great and fast delivery services and always have inventory of our product selection working with the best brands in the market.

Expect our selection of products to grow as we test them and approves them for you all.

We hope you enjoy this second version of padelusa, and you will thrive on the padel court and your now good looks!

Time to hit the ball like a pro.

The PadelUSA.com team