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Should women use padel rackets made for men ?

Should women use padel rackets made for men ?

If you are a girl who plays padel, it is very probable that the first time you tried this new activity you used a padel racket made for men ? Why ? Because in the market you will find much “palas” produced for males. But can they all adapt to girls ?

Why men and women need different rackets ?

First, you need to understand what distinguishes men and women on a padel court. The most important difference is physical strength. Generally, men are more powerful, which means their muscles and joints will tolerate more solicitations than girls'.

In terms of rackets, it means a male will be able to play with a heavier “pala” and with a weight distribution more oriented towards the head of the racket. Furthermore, knowing strong forearm muscles will allow you to support more vibrations, men will have the possibility to play with firmer models.

What rackets should girls buy ?

Racket brands have well understood what we said above. That's why they create models especially designed for women. These rackets well adapt to the characteristics of female players which means a women version of a racket will always be either lighter or softer than a male's version, or even both.

If you look at professional female players, you will see they often have some signature models, that perfectly fit the needs of girls (and many times the ones of some male players !). Then if you like a comfortable and maneuverable racket you could look for example at Bea Gonzalez's StarVie Astrum. If you want a more oriented towards attack “pala”, you could use Delfi Brea's Bullpadel Vertex 03 Woman or Gemma Triay's Bullpadel Elite. These rackets will be perfect for female players, but you can also keep in mind that some models not advertised as women's rackets could be very good options for a female player. It's the case of lightweight and soft rackets such as Head Zephyr or Cartri Alpha Shield !

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