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Should you choose Head Padel Pro or Head Padel Pro S balls ?

Should you choose Head Padel Pro or Head Padel Pro S balls ?

As you may have noticed, you now can purchase padel balls at Since you already know why it is so important to use balls especially created for padel, let's see what differs from the two best-selling balls on the market : the Head Padel Pro and the Head Padel Pro S.

First of all, you must know that Head is the absolute reference in terms of padel balls. The Head Padel Pro and Head Padel Pro S are the official balls of the World Padel Tour, and the most famous professional players use them on a daily basis.

As you may know, Head Padel Pro and Head Padel Pro S are the exact same balls, the only difference being the S one has more bounce. So, when is it better to choose one and when should you pick the other ? Well, it all depends on the conditions, and of course on how you want to play !

Fast conditions

If you're living in a town situated at a high altitude such as Denver, you'll understand that because of the low atmospheric pressure the ball will have much more bounce. Furthermore, if the temperature is high like in summer and also dry, the game will be even faster. Then if you want to add control to your strikes and slow the pace a little bit, you should buy some Head Padel Pro balls.

Slow conditions

On the contrary if you're playing in a town near sea level such as New York, and especially in winter or when it's humid, then you will want to add some power to your shots, and logically aim for the fastest version : Head Padel Pro S.

The choice depends on what you seek

As you'll understand, most of the time we're playing in mixed conditions. If you're in Miami in summer, the effects of being very close to sea level won't make the ball bounce a lot but the very hot temperatures will... Same thing if you're in Salt Lake City in winter : the cold weather will slow down the balls, but the high altitude will have the contrary effect. Also, the conditions will never be exactly the same if you're playing inside or outside.

So in the end, the choice depends on how you prefer playing. If you're looking to add some extra control to your game, then aim for Head Padel Pro. On the other hand, if you prefer power and want to increase the efficiency of your smashes, then Head Padel Pro S will be perfect for you ! As a recommendation, we would advise you to try the two balls in some equal conditions, so you can see which one fits your needs better !

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