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Padel USA Awards Padel Rackets 2023

Padelusa awards for 2023!

2023 is almost over, and padel brands are already unveiling their new 2024 models. The perfect time for us to unveil our Top 2023 rackets in 5 categories: Power, Control, All-Around, Women, and Beginners.

Power: Wilson Bela Pro V2

The new version of legend Fernando Belasteguin has returned in 2023 with a beautiful deep red color and a more comfortable touch. Don't fool yourselves; this Wilson Bela Pro V2 is still a very powerful and precise weapon, with a hard touch and a head-heavy balance, but it is a little bit more tolerant than the first version, making it more suitable for amateur players.

All-around: Babolat Air Veron

Because of its diamond shape, Babolat Air Veron usually falls into the category of “Power rackets,” but we consider it a true all-around model. Why? Because despite its shape that gives it a significant amount of power, this racket is also very light, making it maneuverable, and comfortable thanks to its fiberglass/carbon faces. In the end, you have a powerful, comfortable, light, and tolerant racket that can be used by virtually any padel player. A true versatile weapon!

Control: Adidas Adipower Multiweight CTRL

Used by Spanish star Alex Ruiz, this Adidas Adipower Multiweight CTRL is, thanks to its round shape and relatively hard touch, perfect for those who seek the best combination of maneuverability and precision. If you have good technique and want to put the ball virtually everywhere on the court, this racket is made for you. The little bonus is that it features Multiweight technology, allowing you to customize its balance!

Women: Head Extreme Motion

We are cheating a little bit because this racket was launched a few months ago, so it's almost a 2024 version. But how could we make a top without the racket used by the number 1 player in the world, Paula Josemaria? The new Head Extreme Motion is perfect for women (and some men, obviously) who seek the perfect combination between power and maneuverability. To make it simple, if you're an offensive player who loves playing with a lightweight model, this racket is made for you!

Beginners: Head Concord 2023

We finish this top with one of the most affordable rackets on the market among big brands: Head Concord 2023. Perfect for beginners who have never played padel sports in competition, it is made for those who don't want to spend too much money on their first pala but still want quality. Thanks to its lightweight and soft structure, it will ensure you begin your new padel player journey perfectly!

Beyond Category : Nox AT10 Luxury Genius 18K

Our best-seller from 2023 has arrived in its 2024 version. The weapon used by superstar Agustin Tapia is back in a new aluminum version, featuring new technologies EOS Flap and Pulse System. With its new MLD Black Eva foam, this versatile racket will help you generate even more speed in your shots. A true gem that has already conquered a lot of players!


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