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What solutions for sweaty hands in padel?

What solutions for sweaty hands in padel?

If you often face issues with sweaty hands when you play padel, don't worry, you're not the only one. And thankfully, quite some solutions exist, and they are all available at!

A good grip... and overgrip !

It may seem a little bit trivial, but to play padel well, you need good shoes, a quality racket, reliable balls, and an effective grip. Firstly, it's important to note that padel rackets usually come with a standard grip. However, for various reasons, some may prefer to change it for a different option. For example, if you seek enhanced vibration absorption or better sensations, consider products like the ShockOut Undergrip or the well-known Hesacore. These not only provide a more secure grip but also offer a more comfortable feel, reducing the risk to your joints.

Next, it's time to select an overgrip that adheres to your hand. Various options are available depending on the sensations you seek. The best value for those prone to sweating a lot would probably be the Head Prime Tour 30 overgrips. For those eager to try one of the most exciting new products in this category, don't overlook the Slazenger Luxury Overgrip! Don't forget to change your overgrip regularly to ensure perfect sweat absorption.

For even better sweat absorption, consider using a wristband. Indeed, a wristband is a small yet essential accessory for padel players, providing additional comfort during intense matches. Choosing a quality wristband like this one can significantly enhance your playing experience.

4on products

4on products offer innovative solutions to the age-old problem of maintaining a strong and secure grip during racket sports. Let's discover their two best-sellers.

4on TotalDry Spray

Sweaty hands during padel can be a common challenge, affecting your grip and potentially your performance. This is where the 4on TotalDry Spray comes in. Tailored for racket sports enthusiasts, this antiperspirant spray absorbs quickly into the skin and gives you dry, non-sticky odorless hands.

  • Improved Grip: the 4on TotalDry Spray enhances your grip on the padel racket or other sports equipment, reducing the risk of dropping your racket.

  • Enhanced Comfort: say goodbye to the discomfort of sweaty hands during intense matches. This spray helps maintain dryness, allowing you to focus on the game.

4on TotalGrip Spray

For athletes who demand an even stronger grip, the 4on TotalGrip Spray is the answer. While similar in purpose to the TotalDry Spray, it offers different sensations, with a sticky feeling.

  • Improved Grip and Control: the 4on TotalGrip spray is designed to provide an even more robust grip on sports equipment, giving you the control and confidence you need in your performance.

  • Long-Lasting Performance: this spray offers a long-lasting grip, reducing the need for frequent reapplication during your sports activities.

As you can see, 4on offers two distinct products that can cater to various needs, whether you prefer a sticky effect or not.


In conclusion, a strong grip is crucial for optimal padel performance, and as you saw offers diverse solutions. From specialized grips to overgrips and innovative sprays like those addressing sweaty hands, your trusted shop caters to varied needs. Whether you're a casual or dedicated player, finding the right combination of products ensures a confident and comfortable game.

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