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Are all beginners the same in padel ?

Are all beginners the same in padel ?

Padel is known for being a very fun and easy-to-play sport. But since it's a compound of different racket sports, tennis, squash, badminton, or pickleball players will evolve faster than others. Let's see how it works and how it is important in terms of “pala” selection.

Why all beginners are not the same...

It's probably the first question you need to ask yourself: “What kind of beginner am I?”. Indeed, two persons starting a new activity, because of their backgrounds, may already have a very different level. 

To make it simple, let's take two opposite examples in padel. Beginner A is 50 and sitting at a desk all day, has never played racket sports or any other sport at a competitive level. Beginner B is 30, played tennis at an elite level, and still goes to the gym several times a week. You automatically understand these two people won't have the same level the first time they will step on a padel court.

And why it matters in terms of racket selection

While Beginner A will need a “pala” that protects his joints and allows him to miss as few balls as possible, Beginner B, who will probably be an advanced player soon, may already need a racket more focused on precision and power.

Beginner A is the one we will call a true beginner. This player will need a lightweight maneuverable and comfortable racket, with an extended sweet-spot and a very soft touch. Head Concord 2023 is a racket that is considered perfect for true beginners. In fact, as a true beginner, the aim is not to cut corners and to find a product that will allow you to progress on the court while limiting the risks of injuries. This doesn't mean you cannot buy a racket used by professional players, but it means you need to choose one that is soft, maneuverable, and light enough. Head Alpha Touch or Babolat Counter Viper are just examples of perfect “palas” for beginners who seek high-end models.

On the other hand, if you are like Beginner B, you can already pick a firmer racket such as some more advanced players. For example, if you used to play serve-and-volley on a tennis court, then you could very soon use a racket that will make the best of your powerful and precise shots, such as Siux Fenix 12KHead Delta Pro 2022 or Babolat Technical Viper.

As we said before, always remember it's your style of play and abilities that will decide what “pala” is the best for you!

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