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Babolat arrives at !

Babolat arrives at !

That's some good news for all the players who want to shop Babolat rackets : Some are now available at

Babolat, one of the pioneers tennis strings

For those who don't know Babolat yet, let's talk a little bit about History.

The french brand, founded in 1875, was first known for its tennis strings. More than a hundred years later, the company started producing tennis rackets. Today, some of the best tennis players play with Babolat rackets, beginning with a man who spent 864 weeks being the world number one : Rafa Nadal.

From a number one to another

Babolat has a sort of tradition with number ones since Juan Lebron, who has been at the top of the professional padel ranking since 2019, plays with a “pala” produced by the french company. The player born in Cádiz (Spain) joined Babolat in 2017 and we can say that Juan and the brand have grown together since then. In fact, the company mixed all its experience in tennis with Lebron's knowledge in padel to create some high quality products to satisfy the needs of the most demanding players.

As a consequence, Babolat is now known for being one of the most important brands in padel. It provides innovative and resistant “palas” for all types of players. One of the most appreciated models is the Babolat Technical Veron, a diamond shape racket that is both flexible and powerful thanks to its combination of Black Eva Foam and Carbon Flex, a mix of carbon and fiberglass. It's clearly a no-brainer for all those who search extra power but who also want to feel the ball a little bit more.

In the end, Babolat provides all types of high quality products, that can be used by everyone, from a beginner to a world number one !

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