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Cartri, one of the most innovative padel brands !

Cartri, one of the most innovative padel brands !

Today, we are going to talk about Cartri, a brand that is known in padel for being one of the leaders of innovation.

Cartri was founded 22 years ago by its actual CEO, the Portuguese Antonio Martins. It was called Cartri after Antonio's daughters names : Carlotta and Trini.  At the beginning, the corporation produced sports socks, for itself, but also for other brands. Accustomed to working with padel companies, Antonio first created a brand identity for a friend who wanted to launch his own padel business. After a few months, the friend realized it was a lot of work to create a brand from zero and decided to quit.

An entrepreneur at heart and a fan of padel, Mr Martins decided to use all the work he had done to start producing padel rackets, clothes and accessories with his own brand, Cartri.

Less than seven years later, Cartri has become one of the most famous padel brands in the world, and is present in 27 countries. The padel rackets produced by the company are known for being far above-average thanks to all the technologies they feature. In fact, Antonio, who is strongly attached to the concept of family in his company, is also very heading toward innovation. In accordance with this, the brand uses cutting-edge materials, such as Carbon-Kevlar frames, that make their rackets very long-lasting. Furthermore, top-end models are handmade in Spain, in a high standards factory. Thanks to this, Cartri rackets are recognized among padel players for their amazing quality.

Here at, we're currently selling no less than 7 Cartri padel rackets, each of them being made in Spain. One of the most iconic is the Volcano 2, with its never-seen-before shape that makes it very versatile. Its characteristics such as a hybrid FOAM/EVA Core and 12k carbon on its faces make it a well-rounded racket that will thrill all the players who are looking for outstanding comfort, vibrations absorption and solidity.

As you'll see in our shop, all Cartri rackets are solid and developed with the best technologies available to provide players with high-quality products. Whatever type of player you are, there will always be a Cartri racket to satisfy your needs !

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