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Compare the new Head Gravity 2022

Compare the new Head Gravity 2022

Head have just launched a whole new padel rackets line called Gravity that consists of three high-end models focused on control and maneuverability : Gravity Pro, Gravity Motion and Gravity Elite. Let's see what theses “palas” bring to the table.

Head Gravity Pro 2022

Head already had two premium lines, Delta which is focused on power and Alpha that is a synonym of versatility. Now the new Gravity line puts the emphasis on control thanks to its round shape.

The Gravity Pro, used by pro player Edu Alonso, is a very maneuverable racket, that features the soft Power Foam, perfect for comfort and vibrations absorption. The new auxetic technology, paired with carbon faces, will allow you to benefit from amazing sensations on every shot. Even though it is not focused on power, this new model used by professional players will be more than satisfactory when having to finish the point.

In the end, this 370 grams “pala” will be a very good option for all these players who prioritize control and comfort, regardless of their level.

Head Gravity Motion 2022

Head Gravity Motion is considered a softer and lighter version of the Gravity Pro. That's why it will be a perfect option for girls, juniors, or basically every player who wants a lightweight comfortable racket. Indeed, thanks to its 355 grams and to its fiberglass faces, it will be very maneuverable and pleasant, although less powerful than Pro version. If you want control, a large sweet-spot, and a very easy-to-play racket, then this new Head Gravity Motion is probably made for you !

Head Gravity Elite 2022

Head Gravity Elite is a version that was especially created for intermediate players. With its 365 grams, it is both light and perfect for those who want to start using a weight close to the ones you can find on professional models. Like the two other rackets of Gravity line, it is focused on control and maneuverability and benefits from a very large sweet-spot. The fiberglass faces will add even more comfort to the mix. In the end, it's perfect for all these players who seek a “pala” that will allow them to evolve safely !

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