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Comparing the new Bullpadel Hack Series

Comparing the new Bullpadel Hack Series

After having talked about the new Bullpadel Vertex , let's now deal with the other premium range of the Spanish brand : the Hack Series !

Famous for being used by superstar Paquito Navarro, Hack rackets are top-end models that feature the best technologies created by Bullpadel. Let's see what they have in store.

Bullpadel Hack 03

Created for Paquito Navarro, the new Bullpadel Hack 03 is a very powerful weapon. Thanks to its diamond shape and its high balance, it will give you a strong boost in all attack shots. The faces made of Tricarbon will allow you to benefit from a firm touch. As a result, all your smashes and volleys will get sharp and precise.

While this “pala” is clearly oriented towards offense, the Multieva foam and its softer core, will help you out in defense. Indeed, thanks to the CustomWeight system, you will have the possibility to change the balance of your racket, giving you the possibility to make it more maneuverable, or even more powerful !

All the other new technologies of the brand are used in this model, such as Air React Channel to make your shots faster, Vibradrive for vibrations' absorption, and Hesacore grip, for a better grip ! As you may have understood, this racket is clearly perfect for those who want a professional offensive weapon !

Bullpadel Hack 03 CTR

While it features exactly the same technologies as Hack 03, the CTR version is as the name suggests more focused on control. Indeed, it will be less powerful, but thanks to its round shape, this Hack 03 CTR will be more maneuverable. But that doesn't mean this “pala” will only be suitable for defensive players. As we mentioned before, the fact that it shares all the technologies of the Hack 03, such as Multieva foam and Tricarbon faces, will result in a very versatile version, that will fill the need of all-around players who seek a controllable racket that will bring them this extra power when needed.

Bullpadel Hack 03 Comfort

Bullpadel makes amazing rackets for every type of player. This Hack 03 CMF will be great for those who seek power but need a more comfortable touch. Thanks to its diamond shape, this “pala” will be perfect for those who look for power on smashes and volleys. But contrary to the two versions described before, the CMF doesn't use Tricarbon on its faces but Fibrix, a mix of carbon and fiberglass. As a result, it will have a softer touch, and bring more comfort to the table. If you like very powerful shots, the Hack 03 should be better for you, but if you prefer to “caress the ball”, then this CMF version will probably make you more than happy. In the end it's a racket we should recommend for offensive players who prefer a softer touch.

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