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Do women have to play with padel rackets made for women?

Do women have to play with padel rackets made for women?

If you are a woman who has recently started playing padel, you have probably noticed that the best female padel players have signature models with characteristics specifically designed to enhance their game. However, does this mean that as a woman, you absolutely need to buy a racket categorized for women?

Women do have specific needs.

It is no secret that men and women are different. Typically, women are not as strong as men, especially at a professional level, where the best male players often use harder or heavier rackets compared to the best female players.

Usually, at an equivalent level, women will require softer and more maneuverable rackets. That's why brands manufacture special models for women, such as the Head Extreme Motion, the lightweight yet powerful weapon favored by number 1 player Paula Josemaria, or the Adidas Cross It Light, the hard but light racket used by superstar Marta Ortega. With these lighter versions, women can move the racket faster and put less stress on their forearm, which is usually not as strong as that of a male athlete of the same level.

Padel rackets are typically unisex!

However, if you often watch Premier Padel competitions, you will notice that Virginia Riera, also one of the top 10 players in the world, plays with a unisex racket, the Babolat Counter Viper 2024. This example demonstrates that women do not necessarily have to choose a racket made especially for them.

Primarily, padel rackets are designed to be unisex, and while some very hard and head-heavy models like Ale Galan's Adidas Metalbone HRD+ 2024 are not recommended for women, many other models are perfectly suitable for women.

Men actually can play with rackets made for women!

For example, if you are a woman who is just starting out in padel and looking for a forgiving, comfortable, and lightweight racket, the Head Zephyr UL or Wilson Carbon Force LT would be excellent options.

On the other hand, some male players who seek lighter or softer rackets for extra maneuverability and/or joint protection could also benefit perfectly from using a racket marketed for women.

In the end, you understand that your choice depends more on your abilities, your style of play, and your technique than on your gender!

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