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How to choose your padel racket in 2024?

How to choose your padel racket in 2024?

You want to buy a new padel racket, but with a market that is always growing, you don't really know what model to choose. You are at the right place because at, our experts select the best rackets from the best brands so you only get the best possible options. Now, let us help you with a few tips!

Be aware of your level

You should know that padel players, like a lot of sports enthusiasts, tend to overestimate slightly their level. You should remember that every padel player has once been a beginner and there is no problem in starting from the base. So if you are new to padel, and especially if you haven't been a high-level athlete in another racket sport, you should start with a racket made for beginners or for intermediate players. Those models will bring you comfort, tolerance, and will help you secure progression in that new activity.

If you are a true beginner, playing with a racket made for advanced or professional players, usually harder and with a smaller sweet spot, will not only result in more difficulties on the court but will also increase the risks of injuries because of the increased vibrations. So, don't overestimate yourself in the beginning: you will have all the time in the world later to buy the signature model of your favorite player when you have a better technique!

Different possible combinations

Padel rackets usually come in different shapes (diamond, teardrop, and round), different foam densities, and different face materials (carbon and fiberglass being the two more used). From the combination of those three key points will depend most of the characteristics of the rackets.

For example, a racket with a round shape, soft foam, and fiberglass on the faces will be very maneuverable, comfortable, and tolerant, but will lack power and precision. It would be recommended mainly for beginners and for players who tend to suffer from tennis elbow and seek a model that absorbs impacts.

On the contrary, a racket with a diamond shape, rigid foam, and hard carbon faces will be extremely powerful and precise, but will lack tolerance and maneuverability. It would be suitable for very aggressive players who want to make the most of their outstanding offensive shots.

As you may imagine, a lot of combinations are possible, to bring the most tailored experience to players.

Know your needs!

To be able to find the right racket, you need to know your needs. If you seek power, aim for a diamond shape; if, on the contrary, you want mainly control, then check round-shaped rackets. If you want a combination of both, then look for a teardrop shape.

It is the same thing with the foam and faces. Hard faces and foam will bring more power and precision, while softer materials will result in more comfort, tolerance, and vibrations absorption.

Take our quiz!

If you want recommendations based on your level, your gender, your style of play, make sure to take our quiz and see which models are the most adapted to your needs!

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