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Adidas Metalbone 3.2 and Metalbone 3.2 HRD

Let's compare Adidas Metalbone 3.2 and Metalbone 3.2 HRD

If you're an offensive player who is looking for a powerful Padel racket then the two models used by Alejandro Galán are undoubtedly very good options for you.

Two head-oriented palas

Ale Galán is one of the most powerful strikers of the game so you understand that he uses a padel racket especially made for those who love spending time in attack.
Thanks to their head-oriented balance, hard 2 TO 1 carbon, and strong Octogonal Structure, the two new signature models of the number one player in the world will bring you this extra power and stability when you need to finish the point. Furthermore, the new custom weights management allows you to adjust the balance to your exact needs.

Two different foams

The big difference between these two rackets is the fact that one comes with a soft foam (3.2) while the other one, as its name suggests (3.2 HRD), holds a harder and more compact core. As a result, the 3.2 version is more comfortable and forgiving while the 3.2 HRD is more precise and powerful.

Indeed, if you're an advanced or professional player who wants to make the best of his efficient strikes and spend a lot of time at the net, then the harder version will be most appropriate.

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