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Let's uncover the Bullpadel Vertex Series !

Let's uncover the Bullpadel Vertex Series !

If you're a padel enthusiast, you already know Bullpadel, probably the most famous racket brands. Bullpadel produces high quality innovative rackets, used by many professional players such as Paquito Navarro, Martin Di Nenno, Federico Chingotto, Juan Tello, Delfi Brea... Today we are going to talk about the Vertex range, that's composed of four models : Vertex 03, Vertex 03 Comfort, Vertex 03 Control and Vertex 03 Women.

All these Vertex rackets belong to the Pro Line, that only consists of top-end models.

Vertex 03

Used by professional players Federico Chingotto and Juan Tello, the Vertex 03 is one of the most powerful “palas” on the market. Thanks to its diamond shape and 100% carbon frame, it will be perfect for the most offensive players. The MultiEva foam which consists of a bi-density core will allow you to get some solid striking in offense while getting this extra help in defense. It features all the last technologies from Bullpadel such as Xtend Carbon 12K carbon or Air React Channel, to bring you the best sensations !

Vertex 03 Control

The Vertex 03 Control features exactly the same structure as Vertex 03. In fact, the only and yet very important difference with its “big sister” relates to its shape. As it name suggests, Vertex 03 Control is round-shaped, which means its sweet-spot is lower, making it more maneuverable. While being a little bit less powerful, this version is also more controllable, that's why it's perfect for all-around players who are looking for a very versatile high-end “pala”. Ideally balanced, this racket will fill the needs of most !

Vertex 03 Comfort

Used by professional player Martin Di Nenno, the new Vertex 03 Comfort resembles Vertex 03 but with a difference in its outer core. Indeed, Vertex 03 Comfort is made of Fibrix, a combination of carbon and fiberglass, that allows you to get more flexibility. As a matter of fact, Vertex 03 Comfort will be more comfortable and better in vibrations absorption. While most powerful strikers will probably prefer Vertex 03, offensive players who want extra comfort and a softer touch will be delighted with this Vertex 03 Comfort !

Vertex 03 Women

As always, Bullpadel creates a specific racket for its female talents. Quite similar to Vertex 03 Comfort, Vertex 03 Women has been designed for professional player Delfi Brea and is also used by the very powerful Sofia Araujo. Thanks to its reduced weight, it will provide extra maneuverability, allowing you to play aggressively while maintaining very good levels of control and comfort !

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