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UPDATE: New products coming soon at Padel USA !

UPDATE: New products coming soon at Padel USA !

If you've tried to buy a new racket on, you've probably seen that some of the models we sell are out of stock. Don't worry, the situation is on its way to getting fixed.

Two impacts of Covid

As you may now, the Covid crisis has had principally two impacts on padel rackets. First, due to lockdown, lots of factories have been just ticking over for a long period of time and some even have had to shut down temporarily. As a result of this discontinued production, padel brands couldn't produce as much rackets as they wanted.

Furthermore, since padel was one of the first sports that could restart in many countries after lockdown (in some areas contact sports had to wait months before starting again), plenty of athletes who were not allowed to practice their sport decided to try padel. Since it's a very addictive activity, padel has gained a lot of players all around the world during this period of time. And all these players have had to buy “palas”...

Principally on account of these two impacts, plenty of brands are currently out of stock.

We're working hard to get you the best rackets on the market

Just as almost everywhere in the world, padel's popularity has increased a lot in the United States during the last months and nobody expected it to be so quick. As you can imagine, we did not plan on selling as much rackets in such a short span so we first want to thank all of our customers for their confidence.

Since we want to continue to satisfy each and everyone of you, some new models from famous padel brands will soon be available. So, you can expect to get some of the latest Adidas, Siux, Bullpadel, Babolat, Head... exactly as we did a short time ago with StarViand Nox. Furthermore, some high-end accessories such as padel balls are about to arrive at !

So don't worry, some new models will be available in a short time providing you as always the best technologies on the market, with all the attentions you like such as warranty, online chat and customer service. Remember that you should always buy official rackets from authorized dealers to make sure you don't receive counterfeit products, that will not only put your health at risk but also damage your chances of playing well !

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