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Should beginners consider playing with high end rackets ?

Should beginners consider playing with high end rackets ?

As we mentioned before, all beginners are not the same in padel, but as you will see, in the end, every beginner may consider buying a high-end racket.

Buying a first racket designed for beginners

When you begin a new activity, you are never sure you whether you will like it immediately or not. Even though padel is a very easy-to-play and fun sport, not everyone fall in love with it straightaway (but plenty of you do for sure !).
Then, buying a cheap first racket made for beginners or intermediates is sometimes the best option for those who start this activity and plan to play only occasionally. Indeed, padel companies create light, soft and maneuverable palas that are perfect for those who discover this new activity and don't want to spend too much money on a racket. Head Concord 2023 and Tecnifibre Wallbreaker 355 are great options if you want to spend less than 200$.

Some high-end rackets that can be perfect for beginners

You can be a beginner and already be crazy about padel. If you love this sport and you can afford it, why not consider buying a durable high-end racket, that will allow you to benefit from cutting-edge technologies and amazing sensations ? In fact, plenty of top of the range models are just perfect for all beginners. If you're a true beginner, who has never played racket sports, then you should just aim for a rather light, soft and maneuverable racket. The good news is you'll find plenty of models that check theses boxes on ! For example, Bullpadel Hack 03 CTR or Nox AT10 Genius Arena will be just perfect for those who seek amazing quality, comfort, and cutting-edge materials.

Moreover, if you've played racket sports for years, then you'll probably be an advanced player soon and you can already afford playing with a harder and more aggressive model, especially if you're a former (or actual) competitive tennis player. In fact, with a racket with the weight centered more towards the head, the sensations you'll experiment will be closer to what you're accustomed to in tennis. Furthermore, a diamond or teardrop pala will give you more power and help you maximize your smashes and volleys. Models such as Nox AT Luxury Genius Attack 18K, Head Delta Pro, Babolat Air Viper or Siux Fenix 12K are just perfect for those with an offensive style of play !

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