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Should you rent padel rackets?

Should you rent padel rackets?

As we discussed in a former blog post, padel clubs don't rent shoes. But they do rent padel rackets. Should you use that service?

Perfect for your first time!

When you first try padel, you usually don't have your own racket yet. You may use one from a friend, but most of the time, you have to rent one at the club where you are playing. For that first time on a padel court, it is actually quite useful to be able to rent a pala. Even though padel is one of the most addictive sports and most players who try become padel addicts soon after, you still have to see if it really fits you before investing in a racket. So, it is a very good thing that clubs rent rackets, and most of the time, you should rent one when you take your first steps on the court.

Practical, but not optimal...

While rental rackets can be useful, they are far from being optimal, and we must advise you not to get accustomed to renting a racket all the time. Indeed, even though it is usually cheap for one time, if you spend time on the padel court, it will soon be some badly spent money. In fact, usually, the clubs don't rent out the best quality rackets. Furthermore, you can't choose the model you like, can't put the number of overgrips you want...

But the most important thing maybe, you never know how many times the pala you will get has been used and it may already be damaged. In addition to not providing good sensations, it could also generate a risk of injury!

As you may already know, padel rackets have a foam core that tends to lose its properties over time, and even if a racket can look perfect from the outside, its foam can already be worn out. And if the racket doesn't absorb vibrations well anymore, it means your arm will suffer much more...

Another thing that we should mention is that when you always play with the same racket, you tend to know exactly how it reacts. As a beginner, if you want to improve securely over time, you need to develop your bearings with a racket.

The best options for beginners

Beginners have special needs: they need a maneuverable, comfortable, and tolerant racket that will help them make fewer mistakes, and also need good vibrations absorption so they don't put too much stress on their forearm. At, we know how important the beginning of your padel journey is, and we select amazing value for money yet great quality models that fit perfectly the specificities of beginners. Rackets such as Head Zephyr or Head Flash Pro are remarkable options for beginners.

As you now understand, rental rackets are fine for your first time on a padel court, but as soon as you know you want to play padel regularly, you should really consider buying a model that truly fits your needs. Don't forget to check our beginners collection!

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