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StarVie : comparing the 3 models from Premium line

StarVie : comparing the 3 models from Premium line

If you are not new to padel, you probably already know StarVie, a brand known for producing high quality rackets in its own facility based in Spain. Today we are going to focus on the three rackets from the Premium line : Astrum Eris, Metheora Warrior and Raptor Evolution.

First, you need to know that these three “palas” share various similarities. They are all round-shaped, they all use the Soft V30 Eva foam, and all use 3k colored carbon with the “Full Plane Effect” grip on the faces. Furthermore, they are all high quality professional rackets that stand out for being very versatile. But are they all the same ? The answer is no ! So let's see what differs from one to another.

StarVie Astrum Eris

Used by the professional player Bea Gonzalez, this all new racket is the most comfortable of the three we will talk about today. In facet, thanks to its combination of 3k carbon and fiberglass in the outer core, it will be very soft and will allow you to escape from the most complicated situations. Furthermore, this extra flexibility will diminish the vibrations and help prevent your joints. The medium sweet-spot will make sure the racket is perfectly balanced. 

StarVie Raptor Evolution

The Raptor Evolution is quite different since it features two layers of 3k carbon in the outer core. As a result, it will have a harder touch that will bring you extra precision. Also, it will be more effective on the most powerful strikes. This time, the sweet-spot is located more towards the grip, so you will benefit from a little bit more maneuverability and control.

StarVie Metheora Warrior

We can say the Metheora Warrior is in a certain way a combination of the two models presented above. Indeed, like the Astrum Aeris, it has a medium sweet-spot, and like the Raptor Evolution, it uses two layers of 3k carbon. These characteristics makes it the most powerful of the three rackets. While it's still considered as a versatile “pala”, the Metheora is without a doubt the best options of the Premium line for the players who want more efficiency at the net.


In the end, StarVie bring us three amazing rackets, that will fit the needs of most. If you want a balanced racket that will give you a lot of comfort and extra protection for your joints, the Astrum Eris will be perfect for you. If you prefer a more maneuverable “pala” with a tougher touch that will bring you a lot of precision, then you will like the Raptor Evolution. And if you want a very versatile model that will offer you extra power, then the Metheora Warrior will be the best choice !

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