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The latest Babolat Viper 2023 models have arrived at Padelusa!

The latest Babolat Viper 2023 models have arrived at Padelusa!

Three of the top sellers from 2022 are back this year with brand new versions. Are you ready?

Babolat, the renowned French brand trusted by the world's number one player, Juan Lebrón, has revamped three of its most iconic models: the Counter Viper, Air Viper, and Technical Viper. These palas all feature the cutting-edge X EVA foam, a dual-density rubber that provides superior sensations whether you're attacking or defending. Additionally, these high-end rackets boast a 100% carbon structure and exclusive technologies like Vibrasorb, designed to reduce vibrations for a smoother playing experience.

Babolat Counter Viper 2023

The Counter Viper, with its round shape, is perfect for players seeking greater control. Its 3K carbon faces also make it highly effective at the net, making it a great option for any player.

Babolat Air Viper 2023

The Air Viper combines a diamond shape with lightweight construction, making it ideal for offensive players who value maneuverability and want to unleash powerful smashes.

Babolat Technical Viper 2023

The Technical Viper, as the name suggests, is designed for technically advanced players who want to use their superior skills to dominate their opponents. With its exclusive diamond shape, it offers a unique playing experience tailored for advanced players.

All three of these exceptional models are currently in stock at Padelusa, so be sure to grab yours!

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