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The new Head Radical rackets have arrived at Padelusa!

The new Head Radical rackets have arrived at Padelusa!

Head launches a whole new line to complement the three they already had: Extreme for maximum power, Gravity for maximum control, and Speed for versatility with a focus on power. Now, the Austrian brand fills the last gap with the Radical, which is an all-around line with a focus on control. Thanks to their teardrop shape and soft foam, the new three Radical rackets will bring comfort, control, and easy power to players who like to construct the point from defense. Let's explore those new rackets in detail.

Head Radical Pro

With its 370 grams and 3K carbon, the Pro version is, as its name suggests, made for advanced and professional players. A forgiving model designed primarily for right-side players seeking a tolerant pala that will give them a bit of easy power on the offensive end.

Head Radical Motion

Weighing only 355 grams, the Motion has the same structure as the Pro but in a lighter composition. It is perfect for expert female players, as well as good-level male players who seek a combination of maneuverability and comfort while also protecting their elbow from epicondylitis.

Head Radical Elite

Made for intermediate/advanced players but also suitable for beginners seeking a premium racket, the new Radical Elite is the most comfortable of the line thanks to its fiberglass faces. While being heavier than the Motion (+10 grams), the Elite is still the easiest to play of the three. A racket that makes everything easier on the court!

Whether you're an expert seeking comfort and control, an advanced player looking for maneuverability and tolerance, or a beginner wanting an easy yet premium start, the new Radical line offers a versatile range to cater to various playing styles and skill levels.Make sure to secure yours before they run out!

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