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Varlion : almost 30 years being a leading padel brand

Today we are going to focus on Varlion, a brand that has always produced very high quality rackets to allow players to give their best on the court. 

In 2006, Varlion built a brand new 1 acre plant near Madrid

Varlion was founded in 1993 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by Félix Regalia, its actual CEO. The brand opened its own factory and started to work with the aim of building a technical know-how. Two years later, the first racket, designed by Mr Regalia himself, was built. The team then started producing a whole new “pala”, called Lethal Weapon, that was 2cm larger than what was the average at the time. This racket soon became a best-seller and the brand started exporting it in Spain.

Between, 1999 and 2001, Varlion began to move its production to Spain, and built in 2006 a whole new factory in Alcalá de Henares, a town near Madrid. There, they could start using cutting-edge devices to produce cutting-edge rackets.

The best technologies, for the best performances

Since the beginning, innovation has always been in the DNA of the brand. Indeed, Varlion is the first company that started producing different rackets for winter and summer, taking into account the fact that the foam becomes harder when the temperatures drop. That's why the version with the “W” holds a softer foam and is perfect when the temperatures are below 77 degrees, or just for players who want more comfort and vibrations absorption.

 It also created a lot of patented technologies just like the Wings Diffuser that allows for more maneuverability and precision. More recently, it launched the Summum technology which consists of a larger grip to help players with a two-hander backhand, and a bigger sweet-spot to make striking easier. This year, they developed another brand new tech called AirFlow, which incorporates  elongated holes located between the frame and the core to add even more control and maneuverability. All these patented technologies have one goal : give the players the best possible experience on the court.

 As a conclusion, we can say that Varlion has always been a synonym of research and cutting-edge innovation. As a result, it only produces very high quality rackets that will give you the best performances, great resistance, and amazing sensations !

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