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What are the best padel rackets brands?

What are the best padel rackets brands?

You want to buy a new padel racket but you don't want to make a mistake when you make your choice. What are the brands you can trust, that produce the best models and create the most solid rackets?

Tennis big brands

As you probably already know, tennis and padel are two cousins. And as tennis rackets, and probably even more, padel rackets are full of technology. Years ago, the most famous tennis brands started to get interested in padel. Soon, they were able to transfer all their knowledge to padel-specific needs and to become true padel racket experts.

That's why nowadays the global market is dominated by big tennis brands that exactly know what a racket enthusiast needs, how to produce it, and how to make sure they create durable high-quality rackets.

Babolat, Head, Wilson, and Slazenger produce top models that are used by some of the best padel players in the world, such as the Wilson Pro V2 and the Wilson Blade Pro V2, respectively the rackets of Argentinian legend Fernando Belasteguin and Spanish rising star Javi Garrido, or the Head Extreme Motion, made especially for women's number 1 Paula Josemaria and the Head Extreme Pro, the signature model of men's number 1 Arturo Coello!

Padel specialists

In Spain, where padel has experienced the most significant growth throughout the globe, some brands started producing padel rackets decades ago. Among them, two really stand out: Nox and Bullpadel.

Both use cutting-edge technologies and work with some of the best padel players in the world to create amazing models that amateur players fall in love with. Miguel Lamperti's Nox ML10 Pro Cup Luxury and Paquito Navarro's Bullpadel Hack 03 are just examples of the high-end rackets that these two Spanish brands are able to produce.

Other brands you can't ignore

As a worldwide brand, Adidas quickly wanted to be a part of the fastest-growing sport in the world. That's why the company decided to entrust some Spanish specialists to take care of its padel racket production. With the high-quality standards of the three bands brand, they started producing highly recommendable palas, which are used by some of the best players in the world, such as Ale Galan, Alex Ruiz, or Martita Ortega.

Osaka, as a specialist in hockey sticks, also decided to transfer their knowledge in high-quality sports goods to another activity. That's why they decided years ago to create incredibly innovative and resistant models that more and more players like to use, such as the Osaka Pro Tour Power Snap, which is one of the most appreciated by fans

As you can see, the best padel brands may come from different backgrounds, but they all have in common that they offer high-standard padel rackets to their customers. If you want to make sure you can buy their products at the best price and with the best possible customer service, don't forget to visit!

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