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Two beginners playing padel on a padel court

What are the best padel rackets for beginners?

If you've recently started playing padel and find yourself already addicted, you might be eager to purchase your first racket. However, with the multitude of options available, choosing the right model can be confusing. Don't worry; this is perfectly normal, and we're here to help you gain clarity.

Are you truly a beginner?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself, or rather, is padel the first racket sport you're trying?

If you've already played at a competitive level in another racket sport such as tennis, squash, or pickleball, you aren't a true beginner in padel. While you may need some time to master all aspects of this sport to become an advanced player, you already know how to move on the court and have good technique. This will likely allow you to progress faster than someone starting their racket sports journey with padel. Therefore, you can probably start with a racket designed for intermediate or advanced players. Depending on your playing style and needs, models like Babolat Air Veron, Nox ML10 Pro Cup, or Wilson Blade Pro V2 would be perfectly suitable for you.

If you've had a very high level in tennis, you can even choose a racket designed for professional players, such as Adidas Metalbone 3.3 2024 or Slazenger Panther Epic Gold.

Characteristics of a racket for true beginners

If you don't fall into the category described above, you are indeed a true beginner. True beginners need an easy-to-play, comfortable, and tolerant racket. Since your technique is not yet optimal, you absolutely need a pala with a large sweet spot to reduce unforced errors and maximize enjoyment in every game. Additionally, soft materials will minimize vibrations in your forearm, allowing you to have fun without risking injury. Aim for rackets with soft foam cores, fiberglass faces, and lightweight structures. In recent years, Head has excelled at creating rackets for beginners. Models like Flash, Flash ProZephyr, or Zephyr Ultralight are perfect for those taking their first steps on the padel court.


As mentioned earlier, determining your level in padel is the first step. All beginners are not the same, and depending on your level in other racket sports, your needs when buying a racket will be different.

To sum up, if you are a true beginner, look for models designed for that category of players. It's crucial to understand that a soft and tolerant racket will aid in easier progress in your padel adventure. However, if you have been a competitive player in any other racket sport, especially tennis, you can choose a model designed for more advanced players.

If you want to ensure you don't make the wrong choice, don't forget to take our quiz!

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