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What are the differences between Babolat Vertuo, Veron and Viper ?

What are the differences between Babolat Vertuo, Veron and Viper ?

If you are a padel or a tennis enthusiast, you already know Babolat. The French brand, which sponsors tennis superstar Rafael Nadal and padel number one player in the world Juan Lebrón is famous for its high-quality rackets. You've seen the new Babolat models at and wonder what are the differences between Vertuo, Veron, and Viper series. Then you should read this article!

Three different shapes

First, we should discuss the similarities between these three series, or better said the similarity. Indeed, Vertuo, Veron, and Viper all come in three different shapes: one called Technical, another called Air, and the last one is the Counter.

Technical and Air are diamond-shaped, while Counter is more round-shaped.

Viper: the cream of the crop

The Viper series is the one used by professional players such as Juan Lebrón, Miguel Oliveira, Virginia Riera, and Iain Melgratti... They are all equipped with the new X Eva foam that is made of two different densities in order to make both offensive and defensive shots more efficient. Furthermore, they are all made of full carbon on the frame and faces so you can get the most powerful and precise shots. Technical Viper uses 12k carbon, Air Viper is packed with 16k carbon while Counter Viper's faces are made of 3k carbon. So if you are good enough to use them, these three rackets will let you show your best qualities

Veron: dynamic power

The most important difference between the Veron series and the Viper series is the material used on the faces. In fact, instead of using only carbon, Veron models use a combination of carbon and fiberglass called Carbon Flex. As a result, you get more comfort and tolerance but less power and precision. Furthermore, the Veron series are not equipped with the new X Eva but with a more traditional Black Eva foam. In the end, Counter, Air and Technical Veron are perfect for advanced players who prefer a softer touch and want power with less effort.

Vertuo: for the beginners

Vertuo line is perfect for beginners and intermediate players who seek a soft pala that will allow them to improve at their own pace. Thanks to the soft fiberglass used on their faces, Air, Counter and Technical Vertuo are very easy to play with, with a large sweet spot. That's why they are perfect for novices!

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