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Head Padel Racket

What Head Padel Racket should you choose in 2023 ?

Today we're going to look at one of the most famous rackets brands : Head. Let's see what are the best options available for each type of player.

Head Delta Pro: for the most aggressive players

The Head Delta Pro is used by Arturo Coello's, one of the best offensive players in the game. Featuring a diamond shape, this high-end “Pala” is all about power. Equipped with the new Auxetic technology, Graphene360+ faces and the flexible Power Foam, it will offer you excellent sensations even when the ball does not hit the sweet spot perfectly. This comfortable and powerful racket will be perfect for the players who want amazing force, with great vibrations absorption.

Head Zephyr : amazing control and maneuverability

With its 345 grams, the Zephyr is a lightweight and maneuverable racquet that offers outstanding comfort and vibrations absorption thanks to its Comfort Foam. Thanks to its round shape, ideal for intermediate players who want to benefit from a high level of forgiveness and optimal vibration absorption.

Head Alpha : 3 different rackets for players who seek versatility

Head Alpha Pro

With its teardrop shape, the Head Alpha Pro, designed for Sanyo Gutiérrez, is a perfect compromise between power and control. The core made from Power Foam will give you flexibility comfort and vibration absorption. On the faces, the mix of Graphene360+ and carbon will provide a firm touch for clean and powerful attacks. In the end, it is a versatile and comfortable model for the advanced player.

Head Alpha Motion

Used by Ariana Sanchez, the Head Alpha Motion shares the same construction as Alpha Pro, but with a lighter weight. Furthermore, it is a little bit more head-balanced, making it a very easy to play powerful “pala”. Players seeking versatility and maneuverability will be delighted with this model.

Head Alpha Elite

The Alpha Elite is the softest of the three Alpha models, thanks to the fiberglass on its faces. As a result, it is a very comfortable racket, with a large sweet-spot. It will be perfect for intermediate level players who want to enjoy a pleasant versatile “pala”.

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