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What is a good padel racket? - padel usa

What is a good padel racket?

What defines a good padel racket ?

If you are regular padel player, you have very probably heard at least one time someone asking «Is your racket good ? ». This is very common among customers, people want to know more about what their relatives bought for a future purchase. But after all, how to know if a racket is good or bad ?

 First, you have to look at the quality of the material used in your racket. To make it simple, international brands just as the ones we sell at have a strong experience that allows them to create solid products, featuring all the best technologies available on the market. Buying goods from a brand that provides rackets to professional players will ensure you to get high quality products. Quite the opposite, buying a counterfeit racket from a low-cost site would not only damage your chances of playing well on the court but could also threaten your safety. Indeed, high quality rackets provide you a good vibration absorption that will protect your joints, especially elbows and shoulders, that is why you should always consider buying certified products. Furthermore, purchasing from an authorized dealer makes sure you to get a real warranty and good customer service.

 Then, you should understand that a model that fits the needs of one player does not automatically fit the ones of another. To make an analogy, a pizza delivery driver who works in one of the most traffic-congested cities should better use a scooter than a truck, whereas a truck driver who delivers goods all around the country should better consider using a...truck ! You all agree with that , right ? Well, that's more or less the same thing with rackets. A strong tennis player who spends most of his time at the net and wants to make the best of his powerful smashes should consider buying a diamond or teardrop shape racket, with a firm foam and carbon faces, such as StarVie Brava America or Babolat Technical Viper. On the contrary, a player who is more at ease in defense and who is looking for comfort and maneuverability should make the best of a round-shaped and softer version, like Head Gravity Pro or StarVie Metheora.

In the end, to make sure you get the perfect racket for you, you should first look at the best brands of the markets, and then try to find a model that fits your needs. We at Padel USA will be happy to answer your questions via our online chat.

Soon we will provide you the ultimate guide to find a racquet that perfectly assesses your needs ! Stay tuned !

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