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What padel racket should you buy if you seek primarily control ?

What padel racket should you buy if you seek primarily control ?

You want to buy a new padel racket in order to get more control but with all the different models available on the market, you are a little bit lost. Let's try to help you.

The weight matters...

If you seek control, you better buy a maneuverable racket, right ? Then, you have to primarily look for two characteristics : weight and shape. Indeed, the lighter the pala will be, the easier it will be to play. On the contrary, the heavier it will be, the more powerful it will be. So you need to decide whether you prefer extra maneuverability or extra power. If it's the first option, and according to your level, the Head Zephyr can be one of the best choices, while if it's the second one, a model like Bullpadel Hack 03 CTR would be more appropriate.

...and the shape does too !

As you may have understood given the two models presented before, the more the weight will be balanced towards the grip, the more control you will have. That is why when someone asks for a maneuverable pala, we suggest them to look for round-shape models. At Padelusa, you can use our filters to select only round models !

Do you need more comfort or precision ?

Now you have to decide if you prefer comfort or precision. Basically, a softer foam will give you more comfort and vibrations absorption, while a denser one will bring more power and precision. Same thing with the faces. Carbon faces will bring more power and precision than fiberglass faces that are known for being easier to play and more tolerant.

So, depending on your level, you need to decide whether a softer or a harder racket will suit you better. In the first case, a soft and forgiving model such as the Bullpadel Ionic Control 23 would be very appropriate. In the second one, rackets such as Babolat Counter Viper or StarVie Metheora would suit you better.

Now you have read this article, you probably know what characteristics to search for your new control racket. And if you want to make sure you get the best racket for you, you can use two other filters we created : type of play and level !

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