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What padel racket to avoid tennis elbow ?

What padel racket to avoid tennis elbow ?

If you're a racket sports enthusiast, you probably already know about tennis elbow. Because these activities result in repetitive movements, they can lead to tendinitis. Let's see how your racket can prevent you from getting injured.

If you're in pain, go see a doctor !

Before anything, you need to know that if you already experiment pain, it is probably time to give you some rest and to seek advice from a doctor. In fact, if you try to play through pain for too long you can harm your tendons for good and end up with a serious injury.

That being said, if you are recovering from tennis elbow, have experienced it before, or just want to prevent it from appearing, then you'll probably be interested by what will follow.

Never use old equipment

You need to know that many factors are involved when you suffer tennis elbow. Some people are more likely to experiment tendons inflammation than others but some principles are true for all.

First, never use old balls. In fact, they result in much more vibrations, and will force your forearms to work more, often leading to inflammation. It's the same thing with your pala. When it is starting to get old, the foam loses its absorbent properties, resulting in more vibrations going towards your elbow. It's even worse if your racket is broken, even a little bit. So always remember to buy a new pala when yours starts to get old and to play with balls made for padel, and in good condition.

Some rackets are perfect to avoid tennis elbow...

...and some are not ! You must understand that three things are very important if you seek joints protection above all : absorption, weight, and balance. The softest the foam will be, the more it will absorb vibrations. Same thing for the faces : for those who want to prevent tennis elbow, fiberglass is more recommended than carbon. Some brands add some anti-vibration systems to their palas that can also help.

Then, the lighter the racket will be, the easier it will be on your forearms. Same thing with the balance, the nearer it is from the grip, the less demanding it will be on your joints.

The best options

So if your main concern is to protect your joints, you have to look for round, soft and light rackets. At Padelusa, we have plenty of models we can recommend to players who look to avoid tennis elbow. In the end, the choice will all depend on the sensations you seek and the level of protection you're looking for. For example, Head Gravity Elite is a model that checks all the boxes for elbow protection, but you may want a more powerful or precise racket. Then Cartri Shield Alpha or Nox ML10 Pro Cup Luxury will be almost just as fine.


Always remember that plenty of factors influence tennis elbow, and sometimes a little adjustment may be enough to prevent it from appearing. For example, if you're an offensive player who likes diamond shaped rackets but who tend to suffer a little bit from the elbow, then you should try buying a softer model such as Bullpadel Vertex 03 Comfort or Head Delta Elite !

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