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What padel racket when you seek power first?

What padel racket when you seek power first?

If you are an offensive player who likes powerful smashes and volleys above everything else, then you are probably looking for a racket made for attacking strikers. Let's see what are the best options out there.

The shape matters!

If you want to make the best of your smashes, then you need a racket with a teardrop or diamond shape. Why? Simply because the most weight is balanced towards the head of the pala, the most power it will allow you to create. Furthermore, a heavier racket allows you to create more force.That's no accident if diamond-shaped Bullpadel Hack 03 and Babolat Technical Viper are two of the most powerful models on the market!


The harder it is, the stronger you can strike!


If you have a good technique and are physically strong enough, then the harder your racket will be, the stronger your shots wil also be. Indeed, a dense surface transfers perfectly the force to the ball. So if you seek maximum power and can afford it, you should aim for quite hard palas such as Nox AT10 Attack 18K or Babolat Air Viper.


More interested in "easy power"?


But if you're not that strong and still want a racket that will help you maximize your offensive shots, some alternatives can be just as fine. In fact, some players don't have an excellent technique or don't like the feeling of a hard racket. Does it mean they can't find a weapon that will allow them to make the best of their agressive shots? Not at all! 

Some more comfortable rackets are made specifically for those who want an offensive model but with more flexibility and comfort. That's the case of Babolat Air Veron, Bullpadel Vertex Comfort 03 or even Head Delta Pro 2022


So now you know you have two possibilities when you seek an offensive model : looking for raw power if your technique and athleticism allow it, or looking for a more elastic power!

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