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What you need to know before playing padel with high temperatures

What you need to know before playing padel with high temperatures

You have scheduled a padel game for today but the temperatures are very high. Here is what you need to know !

Always remember there could be a risk for your health

First, if you're not in a good shape you should not consider playing when the temperatures are, let's say, above 95°F. Then, you should especially avoid the sun between 11am and 2pm. Then, be aware that exercising during heatwave is not recommended and make sure you take all the risks into account before deciding to play.

If you still want to play because you are engaged in a tournament or because you are sure your body can tolerate high temperatures, here are some precautions you should always take. First, use some solar screen, take some time to recover between points and games, and drink a sufficient amount of water or electrolyte beverage to compensate the important sweating and avoid dehydration. Then, use a cap to protect your head and solar glasses to protect your eyes. Furthermore, use light breathable clothes.

How to play better when it's hot and sunny

If it's very sunny and your rivals are not accustomed to playing in such conditions, you should consider using a lot of lobs to make them struggle even more. In fact, having to play a “bandeja” or a smash with the sun in your eyes is sometimes very tricky. But be careful when using the lob because the hotter it is, the more balls will bounce, making it more difficult to defend a good smash.

High temperatures not only have an effect on balls but also on rackets. As a matter of fact, the hotter it is, the softer will the foam become. That's why you should consider using a harder racket during intense heat. To answer this situation, Varlion have two versions of their premium rackets : one called winter and the other one called summer. This could be very interesting for the players who want to experiment exactly the same sensations regardless of temperature.You can also choose to have completely different rackets that will adapt to the style of play you want to use in each season. For example, you could use a round-shape and dense racket in summer for extra control and precision such as Babolat Counter Viper or Bullpadel Hack 03 CTR and use one that is softer and with more weight towards head such as Cartri Volcano 2 or Head Delta Pro for more effortless power in winter.

Last advice, remember you should never leave your racket laying down in the sun. Also, leaving the racket in your car without any protection when it's very hot outside will damage it and will increase the risk of breaking. To make your racket last longer, you should consider buying a padel bag with an isotherm compartment


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