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When should you change your padel racket ?

When should you change your padel racket ?

Unlike tennis rackets, palas don't have strings you need to change very often, but it doesn't mean your pala will last forever. Why and when should you buy a new one ? That's the subject of this article.

Time makes palas lose their properties

Let's begin with a little bit of history. First padel rackets were made of wood, so they could last a very long time. But they were heavy, did not absorb vibrations and didn't provide good sensations. That's why engineers developed palas made of foam, carbon/and or fiberglass. These new padel rackets were instantly adopted by the players who could benefit from a better gaming experience and from a very important reduction of vibrations. The difference between the palas we have now and the first ones that were created is almost the same as the one between an ancient wood wheel and the rims and tires we have today.

But exactly like tires, the composition of the rackets doesn't make them last forever. Time will make foams lose their absorption and elastic properties and make the faces become more eager to break. You should be very careful with second-hand palas because you never really know how many times it was used and a racket that seems almost new on the outside can be worn-out inside...

How to know when you need to change it ?

It is admitted that if you play like one or two times a week, you should change your racket every year. Of course, a professional player who trains every day will have to change much more often.

Remember that even though you racket is not very old, if you realize it has lost its elasticity, starts vibrating, or is not as powerful as before, then it is probably time to buy a new one. Don't wait until it's broken !

Another reason to change your racket is if your game as evolved. As we said in a previous article, you should buy your pala according to your level, your style of play, your athletic level...and if you change, your racket should change to !

Then, lots of players use different rackets in summer and in winter to make sure they always experiment perfect sensations. After having played all winter long with a soft racket, it is often good to buy a firmer one when summer arrives, and vice versa.

How to make your pala last longer ?

If you want your racket to last as long as possible, you should pay attention to details. First, as we said a few weeks ago, you should never leave your racket laying down in the sun and try not to bang it on the ground. Then, you can chose some materials known for their resistance, such as carbon, kevlar, graphene...In a general manner, we can say that buying from the best brands will guarantee you'll have  high-quality products. Here at, we only work with the most known companies, to make sure customers can buy the best palas in the market. Have a look at our store !


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