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Top Padel Destinations in the USA: Discover Where to Play Padel Today!

Top Padel Destinations in the USA: Discover Where to Play Padel Today!

Padel is probably the fastest-growing sports in the United States. Yet, all the states are not equipped with padel courts. You don't know where you could try this fun racket sports ? You're at the right place !

As you'll see, Florida and Texas are the two states where you can find the biggest number of padel courts.

Padel Courts in Florida

Florida is known as the cradle of padel in the US, with Miami being the city with most padel clubs. One of the most famous is Wynwood, with its eight courts ! Two other clubs are located in Miami : Real Padel Miami and Padel Life & Soccer, and one more is set to open very soon, called Ultra Padel Miami Center.
The other courts in Florida are located in Kinetic Indoor Racquet Club Boynton Beach, Cliff Drysdale Tennis Academy Key Biscayne, Sarah Vande Berg Tennis & Wellness Center Tampa Bay, and USTA National Campus Orlando.

Wynood Padel Club Entrance in Miami

Nearest Padel Courts in Texas

Texas is currently the state that is experimenting the biggest growth in the country regarding padel. In Houston there are two places where you can play this sport : iPadel Houston is a club that holds two courts, and The Houstonian Club located in the amazing hotel of the same name.
Spring also has two padel clubs : The Woodlands Padel and The Grand Sports Club.
If you're in Dallas, you can try padel at T Bar M Racquet Club. This premium club also offers tennis, pickleball, and fitness.
There are two other clubs in Texas where you can play padel : Traditions Club Bryan and Lake Travis Padel Spicewood

iPadel Houston Club

Padel Sport Courts in California

Located inside the Barnes Tennis Center, in San Diego, Taktika Padel holds three new generation panoramic padel courts and often organizes tournaments.
If you live near Torrance, South End Racket & Health Club is the place to be for all racket sports enthusiasts. Indeed, in this big all around fitness center, you can play virtually every racket sports, padel being of course one of them !

Taktika Padel Club

Padel Sport Courts in Nevada

Real Racket Academy, in Las Vegas, holds eight padel courts, and is known for having hosted the Senior Plus World Padel Championship this year !

Real Racket Academy

Askansas Nearest Padel Courts

Located in Lowell, Matrix is the only club with padel courts (3) in Arkansas. It is a real racket center since you can also play tennis and pickleball there !

Matrix Padel Club in Arkansas USA

Padel Tennis near by Pennsylvania

If you want to play padel in Pennsylvania, Padelphia is the place to be. With its two clubs, respectively located in Venice Island and in Bala Cynwyd at AFC Fitness, Padelphia offers five new generation padel courts, that will allow you to play both indoor and outdoor.

PADELphia Padel Club in Philadelphia

Padel Tennis Courts in Oklahoma

The Greens Country Club holds the state's first padel courts. This fitness center located in Oklahoma City also offers tennis, pickleball, badminton, and even golf !

Padel Courts Near in New York

New York City will soon have its first padel center. Called Padel Haus, it will open very soon in Brooklyn and will offer 4 professional quality courts to its members !

Padel Club Haus in Brookyln, New York

Remember that this in a non-exhaustive list and since this sport doesn't stop growing, it will soon be outdated. For last informations about new padel courts, you can check !

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