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Which Babolat padel racket should you buy in 2023?

Which Babolat padel racket should you buy in 2023?

Are you an advanced padel player in search of a new racket for an enjoyable summer on the padel courts? Take a look at the latest offerings from Babolat in 2023, specifically the Viper and Veron series.

The Viper Series

The Viper series from Babolat consists of four rackets that cater to different player preferences. These rackets are known for their exceptional power, primarily due to their 100% carbon structure. Currently available at Padelusa, you will find the signature model used by Juan Lebron, the Technical Viper, the Air Viper, and the Counter Viper.

The Juan Lebron Technical Viper stands out as the most powerful racket produced by Babolat. However, it is also the most demanding and is best suited for technically advanced players who aim to dominate their opponents using their superior skills.

The Technical Viper, apart from the signature model, is designed for technically advanced players as well. With its exclusive diamond shape, it also provides a unique playing experience tailored for advanced players but with a more forgiving playing experience suitable for a wider range of players.

The Air Viper combines a diamond shape with a lightweight construction, making it an excellent choice for offensive players who value maneuverability and want to unleash powerful smashes on the padel court.

The Counter Viper, with its round shape, is perfect for players seeking greater control in their game. It excels at the net, thanks to its 3K carbon faces, making it a great option for players of all styles.

The Veron Series

If you are looking for a racket that combines power and comfort, consider the Veron series. Unlike the Viper series, the Veron rackets use a combination of carbon and fiberglass called Carbon Flex on their faces, offering more comfort and tolerance while sacrificing some power and precision. Additionally, the Veron series features a traditional Black Eva foam instead of the new X Eva.

The Veron series includes three models that share the same shapes as the Viper series: the Air Veron, the Technical Veron, and the Counter Veron.

Don't forget the beginners!

If you are relatively new to padel and racket sports in general, the Vertuo Series could be the perfect choice for you. These three rackets, also called Counter, Technical and Air, are designed with soft faces and a forgiving core, making them well-suited for players who require tolerance as they progress and develop their skills on the court.

As we have explored, Babolat currently offers ten different models tailored to players who demonstrate unwavering determination regardless of their skill level. Now, all that remains is for you to make your decision and choose the racket that best aligns with your needs and preferences on the padel court!

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