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Why are Nox rackets among the most appreciated by players?

Why are Nox rackets among the most appreciated by players?

If you frequently read our blog posts, you already know that some Nox models are among the best-selling padel rackets worldwide. Interested in knowing why?

One of the most charismatic players of all time...

Firstly, we must acknowledge that Nox directors excel at identifying talent. Over ten years ago, before padel became a global sport, Nox decided to collaborate with Miguel Lamperti. Despite being consistently strong and a solid member of the Top 10 for years, the Argentinian player has never been the best on the field, but he has consistently been one of the most appreciated players. With his spectacular shots, unwavering motivation on the court, and his ability to interact with fans, Lamperti has demonstrated tremendous ambassadorial qualities that Nox recognized as crucial for its expansion. Thanks to the white-haired player from Bahia Blanca (Argentina), the Spanish brand has developed a racket that has always been a fan favorite, the ML10 Pro Cup. This model has undergone different versions over time but is still appreciated by players, just as it was when first launched....

The new superstar, and the ones of tomorrow?

Not only did Nox establish a long-term relationship with Lamperti, but the brand also quickly identified the new superstar, the number 1 Agustin Tapia. Impressed by the talent of the one called "The Genius from Catamarca," the Spanish company decided to offer him sponsorship, and it has worked quite well for both parties. Agus is now incredibly successful on the court, with 15 tournaments won in 2023, and he is also following in the footsteps of his elder Lamperti off the court, with his signature line, the AT10 Genius, becoming the favorite of the new generation of players. In general, all the rackets endorsed by Tapia are very successful on the market.

However, Lamperti and Tapia are not the only assets of the brand that recognized the amazing potential of Tino Libaak and Leo Augsburger, who are superstars in the making and already have their signature models with Nox.

High-quality materials and impressive skills

As you can imagine, Nox's professional athletes are not the sole reason why their rackets win prizes and are some of the most sold in the world. Nox has true expertise in selecting high-quality materials, discovering new technologies, and producing high-quality rackets for all. In fact, Nox specializes in creating all-around models that can suit a wide variety of profiles.

Using materials such as the iconic HR3 foam or, more recently, the MLE foam, the brand ensures that players always get a great combination of maneuverability, power, comfort, and control. The brand doesn't use a wide variety of molds but makes slight variations between its models, using, for example, 18K carbon on one racket and 12K on another, or just changing the shape so that players can find exactly what they look for. Tested by independent labs, the new Nox rackets are also known for being very resistant.

As you see, Nox has found some kind of magical recipe to make their rackets favorites among fans for years already. People say that testing it is adopting it. Ready to try?

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